The name's Kristoff and I'm an ice harvester in the North Mountains of Arendelle.

Guess you can say I'm a bit of a loner but I don't like to think of it that way. Besides I'm not alone, I have my best friend Sven with me. He and I have been together since childhood. Him and my pick ax are all I need....I think.
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kristoff + talking for sven




               ”Oh I did! No more leavin’ like that,
               darlin’, you’re makin’ me awfully lonely.”

     ”Okay okay, I won’t leave anymore…not for that long anyways.”, Kristoff replied, embracing Lottie tightly. “Missed you though.

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kristoff + talking for sven





     Guess who’s bbbaaacckkk. Come on now. Admit it. You all missed me.

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     I will be back Sunday. I’m going to admit this past weekend and few days have been hard. I’ve stressed myself out to the point where I got sick and that’s not healthy. But I’m doing much better now thanks to my friends who have reached out to me.

     Thank you all for understanding and being so patient.

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